WellProcess - Good IT Service Management Tool
Make service management more easy

WellProcess is a cloud-based service management system that integrates event management, problem management, change management, asset management and knowledge base with lightweight, modern and easy-to-use functions to help enterprises customize each Business processes to completely change the current situation of intricate IT services, improve IT team productivity and improve end-user satisfaction.
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CMDB Management
  • Assets Management - Recording network device and server, software and license, end user device, internet circuit,etc.
  • Contract Management - Contrat date, contract price, associated assets
  • Correlation Analysis - analysis the impact of the failure
  • IP Address Management - Subnet assignment, occupancy analysis
Ticket Management
  • Multi work order types - Service requst, incident, catch up with the key issues
  • Multi-channel to receive work orders - Web, Wechat, Email and mobile device
  • Work order process automation - Automatic allocation and upgrade, SLA management, associate IT assets
  • Intergrated with other systems - Wechat, Email, SMS to notify
Service and Change Management
  • Create service menu - Service family, service items, sub-service items
  • Can set different SLA base on service's priority
  • Manage serivce contracts - Contracts with vendor and customer
  • Change Mangement - Change associate assets, change work order,  associate service request and incident, associate sub-change
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What Our Client Say
"After implementing WellProcess at SAS, we have reduced the time for security management by nearly 85% because everything is included in one tool now"
Olive, Senior Security Management Specialist 
WellProcess Partnership
Jototech Co. is the producer of WellPorcess Products. We participate in Promotion, Demo, Proof of Concept, Depolyment, Maintenance Support in all major locations in China.