Hotel IT infrastructure always has been a challenge area for hotel management, the complexity comes from integration of various software, hardware and middleware solutions developed by different vendors implemented according to the unique business plan of individual organization.
Joto is offering an one stop shop for hotel IT solutions, including the PMS core system as well as the peripheral systems, e.g. Guest Wifi, Guest Telephony, Back-office Systems, Security Systems, Restaurant Management, Entertainment and Digital Signage systems.


Multi-Language Supportive
Providing multi-language support for the PMS system, including:  
English, German, French, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Thai
7x24 Remote Support
Providing multi-language remote services for both hotel system admin and hotel guest, resident enginner is a option to offer a responsively supoort service
Cloud and On Premise
Providing both cloud based solution and on premise deployment. We are able to set up the system in one day for cloud solution and seven days for on premise deployment
Numerous Client Reference
Total hotel amount: 5496
Star Hotel: 1202
Five Start Hotel: 208