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Value Proposition

Campus security plays a pivotal and evolving role in business, schools and universities. Effective campus security finds the right balance between creating an open and free environment and upholding the duty to protect people. This starts with the acknowledgement that security must be part of the campus’s evolution. The right solution balances expenditures between personnel, technology, facility design and crime prevention education to develop a program that is efficient and affordable.
At JOTO, we dedicated to giving you the digital system and tools that help you protect the lives and safety of each person who steps foot on your campus. Whether your campus or office is located in the countyside or in the middle of a bustling city, JOTO's innovative security solutions are customized to solve the challenges facing your campus security initiatives.


Door Access Control


Security Camera (CCTV)


Fire Alarm System



Emergency Notification System


Vistior and Guest

Management System



School Bus Management