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Keeping students and staff safe is a top priority. Active shooters and other unwelcome intruders pose potential threats for which schools need to be prepared. InformaCast emergency notification system for K-12 Schools helps connect the office, classrooms, security and administrators to help manage crisis situations efficiently. For everyday operations like granular paging and automated school bells, InformaCast makes the school day easier.
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We live in an age where lock down procedures are relatively common. When lives are threatened at your school, notify every one through a multitude of devices and message types that a lockdown is in place. InformaCast emergency notification system excels at reaching everyone very quickly.
911 AlERTS
When police and fire personal roll up to the office and ask to be directed to the emergency, but the staff doesn't know that an emergency has happened, that's a problem. With InformaCast, you will be alerted whenever 911 is diaed, and the call can be automatically recorded, so you will know why 911 was dialed.
School administrators face plenty of challenges, and scheduling bells shoudn't be one of them. With InformaCast's school bell scheduling system, you can consolidate bells, clocks, and PA systems onto one network for cost savings and improved flexibility.
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'' InformaCast provided us with a unified system with ease of management that allows us to even communicate with the baseball field and the weightlifting room wirelessly.''
Elena Alvarez, Technology Director

Christopher Columbus High School

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Jototech Co. is a preferred Partner of Singlewire Products. We participate in Promotion, Demo, Proof of Concept, Depolyment, Maintenance Support in all major locations in China.