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Visitor Management System in Internet Age
Efficient & Intelligent & Friendly

 Our system is comprehensive and complete. With powerful system capabilities, our system has injected a whole new dimension into the access process, which has made it easy to solve every problem, also can achieve seamless connection with the internal data.
Invitation/reservation before visit, attendance, attendance, printing, automatic notification, data record after visit, analysis and export, our system can do all these for you. 
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  • Easy to create invitations
  • Send a invitation via Wechat & Web
  • Full content of the invitation - Date, Time, Location, Routes, Parking, One-time Passcode, QR Code, etc.
Multi-channel Notification
  • Multi-channels to send notification to host while visitor signs in - Wechat/SMS/QA/Email/Call
  • Content of notification - Visitor's name, Photo, Visit purpose, Phone No. etc.
  • Save stuff's time and make visitor feel better
Efficient Sign-in
  • Self sign-in via iPad - Phone No., Scan face
  • Sign-in by PC - QR, ID
  • Team sign-in - Only need team info, print multiple stickers
  • Complete sign-in within one minute, save visitor's time
  • Customize dispaly portal - Logo, Backgroud, Color, etc.
  • Customize Register information, Invitation, Long-term visitor card layout, etc.
  • Customize process - Use ID or not, Use photo or not, Use double verification or not, ect.
Background Management
  • Security and Confidentail
  • Easy to search visiting informaiton
  • Editing employee information, personalizing images and processes
  • Perfect fitted with iPad, ID reader, Scan gun, Printer, Wechat
Exclusive Database
  • Full encrypted data security
  • Strong background support for you to manage all the visitor data, so you have your own big data platform
  • Stored in the CDN, unstructured data stored in the network acceleration
Trusted Worldwide
What Our Client Say
"Everyone has been so professional, courteous and willing to accommodate above and beyond my expectations. I’ve had numerous questions and problems but each inquiry was returned with such enthusiasm and eagerness to help. Thank you again for the wonderful customer service."
Christina Sharp
Cox Communications
Jototech Co. is a preferred Partner of Coolvisit Products. We participate in Promotion, Demo, Proof of Concept, Depolyment, Maintenance Support in all major locations in China.