Konstella - Engage Parents
Built Specifically for Parent Organizations

Built specifically for PTAs & PTOs to streamline communications, increase volunteerism, and foster close-knit parent communities.
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  • Respond to sing-up sheets and rsvp events directly in emails, phone apps, and the web
  • Reminders via emails and push notifications
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  • Directory-on-the-go on iPhone & Android apps
  • Reach out to parents and teachers via chat messages, emails, and phone calls
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  • Room parents to manage classrooms rosters
  • Create announcements, sign-ups, and events
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  • Where is help needed at your school? List view of committees and openings
  • Sign up and withdraw
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Activity Record
  • Create groups such as Playdatas for Kinders & Hiking Parents
  • Create announcements, sign-ups, and events for the groups
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Photo Sharing
  • List of parents who opted out from photo sharing
  • Download photos in original resolutions
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Private Message
  • One-to-one text chat
  • Based on settings, users receive messages via emails and phone push notifications
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  • Invitations by emails
  • Invitations via a secert code or URL
Trusted Worldwide
What Our Client Say
"I love Konstella's intuitive interface! After we deployed Konstella at Hoover, parents felt more connected with the school. We saw a significant jump in the number of parents who volunteered, with many new faces, especially dads!."
Jong-Mi Lee
Hoover Elementary, PTA President
Konstella Partnership
Jototech Co. is a preferred Partner of PTA Collaboration Products. We participate in Promotion, Demo, Proof of Concept, Depolyment, Maintenance Support in all major locations in China.